Scammed by a Psychic

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Are you concerned with being scammed by a Psychic? Here’s a topic I would like to discuss with anyone searching for a Psychic Medium. I’ve heard of people who claim to be a psychic or medium taking advantage of those searching for guidance.

 What I believe is a sure sign of being scammed.

  • Your given a set amount in advance and then upon arriving told or asked to pay more.
  • The person immediately says you have bad energy.
  • You are ...
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Nancy Where Have You Been

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Nancy Where Have You Been? 

Nancy, Nancy “Nancy where have you been?” Is what I keep asking myself. I’m a moving and a shaker. Usually upbeat, motivated, fun, entertaining to myself. Quick on my feet and in my mind. So where have I been? I feel as if I just woke up. Where did the last 5 months go? I already knew the answer. I just didn’t like it.

You see I’m a firm believer in ...

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