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Testimonials 2016

After an immense amount of research, I decided upon Nancy. I tried to approach with an open mind but naturally, there was a little reserve of skepticism. We began with me not saying much of anything at all. I think at that point, the only information Nancy had was my first name. I didn’t offer anything else and she didn’t want anything else. As we began she brought up both my fathers, (she felt 2 fathers; both deceases) and continued on to tell me what was happening presently. It wasn’t what I originally went into address but it was an essential element to the things that were occurring presently in my life. She’s a straight shooter, really easy to talk to. You can just be YOU in that space with her. We continued on to address some past relationship and career issues that she’s been spot on with. I have returned back to Nancy a few times with each time a sense of validation and healing. But she will also let it be known if you’re off in the way you may be viewing something as well. She doesn’t sugar coat and she handles it all with such dignity and respect for her client. She has integrity and is extremely knowledgeable in her craft. Absolutely worth it! Cheryl K. Jul 2016

This was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. She helped me accept my sons passing and how to deal with the loss. She has given me alot of inspiration and guidance. I greatly appreciated my reading with her. The things she said were spot on. I am definitely taking her advice and changing things in my life to better myself. She is one amazing person and I definitely look forward to getting another reading!!! Thank you so much for everything Nancy. You helped me more than you know. Hannah S. Jul 2016

Nancy thank you for my reading, it was very inspiring and honest. You are very comfortable and calming to be around. You accurately described my personality and my desires to a T. I appreciate your spiritual guidance. You gave me the clarity and insight I needed to help me make some decisions in order to move forward in my life. Thank you for taping our session. It helped to go back and reflect on what was said. I hope to see you again soon. Silvana M. June 2016.

Meeting with Nancy definitely exceeded expectations. She’s very welcoming and very honest. While not really knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind and was so pleasantly surprised and honestly shocked with how she was able to know certain aspects of my life. It’s surreal how accurate her reading was and how she was able to connect with Spirit in order to provide messages that not only helped me, but for me to pass on to loved ones around me. If you’ve been thinking about visiting a psychic/medium I definitely recommend Nancy! Stephanie B. May 2016

Amazing experience! So very grateful for the information Nancy shared and I look forward to visiting with her in the future. Kristi L. Apr 2016

Wow! I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking for a reading she is spot on. Not only were my boyfriend and I able to connect with loved ones but we seen future and current life aspects as well. She’s gave us both hope on things we wanted to give up on and to look forward to the future which seems well! Nancy hit subjects that she couldn’t have just figured out, things that have actually happened. Thank you Nancy! We will be returning. Adam B Apr 2016

Had a great reading with Nancy! She made me feel welcomed and it really made me feel comfortable. It was enlightening to hear about what changes might be around the corner and have spirits that have passed come through to her. I’m looking forward to see if my reading and the changes happen and can’t wait for another reading from her. S. Patterson Mar 2016

A fantastic reading by a fantastic lady. If you’re thinking of getting a reading, just do it! You won’t regret it! Pam Mar 2016

My fiancé and I recently visited Nancy for a reading. Immediately I felt relaxed and welcomed. I wasn’t feed a bunch of fluff – Nancy gave straight forward information! She was spot on about where I am currently (going through a lot of changes) and helped me feel at ease about the future. She never made me feel rushed or like I was intruding in on her time even when our time ran over. Very professional, very sincere and personable. I highly recommend her! Thank you Nancy! Jenn K. Feb 2016

I had a reading with Nancy and it was great! She amazed me because everything’s she said was so true. She told me about myself and the situation that I am in. I will highly recommended her to all my friends . Anyone who is looking for an answer talk with Nancy. She is a wonderful lady! Waldemar B. Feb 2016

Nancy is the real deal. She was able to connect with my loved ones and get me the msgs they were sending. She picked up on some little things from my past that I never told anyone about. I hope her predictions for my future will also come true. I felt connected with her as soon as we met. She is very honest and talented. Very good in what she does! Erna B. Feb 2016     

I would recomend her services to all my friendsNancy is truth
. She is gifted and has worked toward further developing and honing her natural skills. We are all connected and come from a foundation of love – Nancy understands and can help. Joy C. Jan 2016

I had an hour reading February / early March 2015 and a whole year has passed and everything that Nancy spoke about has come true, I definitely can’t wait to see her again. THANK YOU NANCY! Vanessa B. Jan 2016

It is rare to find someone so clear and truthful in their work. Nancy comes through with timely, appropriate information. She is a blessed soul who can be trusted. John V. Jan 2016

I have had a few readings from Nancy. Love this woman. Her insight it’s spot on. We have asked about troublesome situations with our child and happy life changing goals…...and everything Nancy said was on point. Will continue to use her and recommend friends. Big Dave Jan 2016

I booked a reading by Nancy for my daughter & I. I kept it a surprise from my daughter cause I didn’t want her to get her hopes up to high and be disappointed. My daughter needed this for healing, she lost a baby son at 37 weeks of pregnancy and has blamed herself since. My hope was to connect with my mom or my grandparents or her grandparents. Well my hope was fulfilled! My grandfather, baby Paul, my mom, my uncle & her great aunt all came through! Lots of tears & laughs, but most of all gave her the healing messages that see needed! I also received healing and guidance messages I needed! Thank you Nancy! We love you! Amanda & Julia Jan 2016

Thank you so much for today. I can’t even begin to explain how much that all meant to me. I never thought about my grandfather being there. But the more you talked about the man I knew who it was and I am deeply touched that he wanted to be there with me and to know that he is with me now. Melissa. I needed to hear what she had to say. I told my mom and she just couldn’t believe it. Most of all I want to thank you for Sharing your gift and letting me know that Melissa is right here. I  just wanted to say thank you again and I’m so thankful for your gift. Alan W. Jan 2016

What an AMAZING experience! So very grateful for the information Nancy shared & I look forward to visiting with her in the future. Krisit L. Jan 2016

I am so glad that I had the pleasure to meet Nancy! She was very warm & welcoming. I was nervous about going but I had a sense of calm from the moment I met her. She nailed it & I was amazed at the things she had to share. I would love to see her again soon! Nicki P. Jan 2016

Testimonials 2015

Nancy you are the best and very accurate in everything you told me, you are fun and your personality is awesome. I was very struggling and lost but you helped me . You are one of the best psychic in St. Louis. Christine W. Oct 2015

I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me last evening. You were right on target with describing me and many things going on in my life. I’m going to work hard at fulfilling your prediction that my art will come into its own in 2017. What I am most grateful to you for is the message you brought from my Mother. I now have peace that she is happy, she is still with us, and hope that we can heal the broken relationship we had in the past. Thank you so much for the gift of that reading. Deb C. Dec 2015

Nancy is truly everything I hoped for and more! Not only is she spot on and incredibly gifted, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease. This was my first actual reading and after being able to connect with my grandma after two years of her passing, I truly couldn’t have had a more amazing experience. I will recommend her to everyone I know and wil continue to see her for years to come. Thank you so much Nancy for sharing your gift with the world. Deanna E. Dec 2015

I am so glad that I had the pleasure to meet Nancy! She was very warm & welcoming. I was nervous about going but I had a sense of calm from the moment I met her. She nailed it & I was amazed at the things she had to share. I would love to see her again soon! Nicki P. Nov 2015

I had a party in Oct 2014 and it was amazing! Nancy is so nice and refreshing. She told us all how she began doing what she is does and a little of what to expect. (some of us were pretty nervous) By the end of the party she had given me the answers that I was hoping for without having to even ask. Everyone’s reading is different, everyone’s situation is different, but one thing is for sure if you have a reading by Nancy you’ll get the experience that you are looking for! She is truly amazing and I look forward to seeing her more! Anne T. Nov 2015

I had my first reading by Nancy 3 years ago and came into it as a skeptic. She was unbelievably accurate and my skepticism completely disappeared. I’ve had 2 other readings with her since and she is always spot on. Even if she says something that may not make sense to me at the time, something will happen within the next week or so and I will realize that she was absolutely correct. She is very positive, and full of love and light. I always feel lighter after a reading with Nancy. She is a wonderful, loving and kind person! Tara L. Nov 2015

“I had my reading and it was on target with everything. Thank God my reading came out all good things, Lord knows I sure could use them right now. Thank you Nancy and I look forward to visiting you at your office soon!!” Jen S. Oct 2015

I recently had a reading from Nancy and it was by far the best reading I’ve had. She knew what I was about from the minute I entered the room. The purpose of the reading was to gain guidance with regard to a job, move,  & relationship. On all three counts, she knew things about me, my partner, my work, my passion that were spot on despite having just met me. She gave me the guidance & confidence to move forward with an unconventional path. I am very grateful & would highly recommend her to anyone facing a crossroad in their life. Nina B. Sept 2015

I had a phone reading a few days ago with Nancy. She was amazing. From the moment I said Hello until I said Good Bye she made me feel as if I had known her my entire life. She was kind , gentle , compassionate , funny & proved over and over she has an amazing gift. Every single thing she told me proved to be SPOT ON. I have no doubt I will be getting another reading in the near future. I cannot suggest strongly enough a reading with Nancy could perhaps be one of the most memorable events in your life, it was for me. Diann P. Sept 2015

I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and my heart has opened up to so many things. Things were disclosed that she could have never known. It brought enlightenment as I continue down the path and an experience I will never forget. Denise M. Sept 2015

My daughter urged me to have a reading by Nancy. With a little skepticism I agreed. I am so happy I did. At first I was very nervous but Nancy truly makes you feel at ease. With giving very little information she was able to start my reading. I was amazed at her accuracy, she even had me remembering things I had not thought about for years. After the reading I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, I actually had a very sound sleep that evening and woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I want to thank my daughter for a great gift and want to thank Nancy for the wonderful reading! Christina B. Sept 2015

I  was truly amazed at the reading I received from Nancy. She is the real deal! She is well worth the money spent. She surprised me from the start of my reading until the very end. The knowledge that she shared that only I would know in regard to my past and present was astonishing. I highly recommend her to anyone that is reading this post! Maury V.  

Nancy! You are amazing! Back in January, you told me that I’d be offered a promotion at work. I thought that wasn’t possible because there’s no higher I can go at my current job. I really just put the whole thing out of my mind. Well, guess what? Last week, someone at our district office called out of the blue and offered me job. It’s definitely a promotion. However, I thought about you right away. It’s funny how you always know, even when I think there’s no way what you’re saying could ever come true. Amy P.


I can’t thank you enough for the experience you gave me. It was definitely unforgettable & very enlightening. I was very surprised, and I also got everything I was hoping for. You truly have a wonderful gift. You are very kind to share it with us. Thank you. Kristen B.


This was my first reading with Nancy. She was very accurate. She answered the things that I went to see her for without me even telling her what I was wanting to know. Nancy was able to put closure on a death of a friend in my life. I was amazed at how well she knew me without ever meeting me before and recommend her to family and friends. Tonja M.

Ahhh, you changed my life in an hour! You’re a sweetheart – we all have a lot to learn and you were very inspiring. I thank you for that. You brought me some needed peace and now I’m hoping my heart can start to heal a bit. Bless you. Jackie

Thank you again so much for talking with me yesterday. I still am in shock how
awesome that was. I definitely feel a sense of relief and now feel like I can guide myself into healing by reminding myself it is ok to move on. 14 years is a long time to worry! Thank you so much. I wish I could express how much this has helped me. God Bless, Katie

Testimonials 2014

Remember my reading I asked if my family was complete? You said the family was going to expand, but it wouldn’t come from us…it would be someone close to us. I mentioned our son is adopted and my wife and I had talked the only way we would expand the family would be if his birth mom gave us another baby. Also I mentioned my sister-in-law wants to expand her family. You left it at the cards show either one of those could be, but you added, “It’s going to happen sooner than later.” Well, I got a call last night that the birth mom is pregnant! Completely blew our minds! You definitely gave us all goosebumps! Chad D.

Nancy, I just wanted to say thanks again, and to let you know you helped me a LOT. In thinking about all that you said, my first “a ha moment” was that one of the many things I’ve been feeling responsible for is other people’s happiness. And for how they see me – or for making sure everybody likes me. I didn’t realize I was doing that, but now that I do, I know that has to stop. Like NOW! No wonder I’m feeling worn out. And if that’s not a waste of my time and energy, I don’t know what is. I have you to thank for that. ☺ I wish I’d called you years ago but, as you said, everything for a reason. I’ll definitely be in touch again. David H.

You where spot on with everything! You were correct, up front and honest with me. No sugar coating which is exactly what I needed! Down to earth and to the point. Bless you Nancy. Len K.

Nancy my name is Susan I saw you on September 12. You predicted that I would be pregnant with a girl. You were right – we found out today! Thank you! Thank you so much for my reading! It was absolutely amazing and I would love to experience it again. I visit your website and really look forward to being read by you again in the future. I just wanted to Thank you for the time you gave me. It was very cool and inspiring at the same time! Susan N.

OMG is all I can say about Nancy! I have had readings by other psychics in the past but NONE as intense as this! Nancy started off by giving me her background information and warning me that she would only tell me the truth and that she wouldn’t sugar coat anything. The very first thing she did was pick up the presence of my Grandfather who had just recently passed away and BOY did he have a lot to say to me! Nancy said things that I KNOW that she could have only gotten from him and honestly it broke me down into tears.

She went on to address my past, my present and my future. What was REALLY amazing is that she geared everything toward my most pressing issues which included my failed relationship and my future success. Nancy REALLY filled in ALL OF THE BLANKS! She knew my personality as well as the personality of my ex partner. She was able to explain WHY we went thru what we went thru, HOW we can work our way back toward success and WHEN it would all take place. Nancy does has the gift of KNOWING, SEEING and FEELING and she uses the tarot cards to pull it all together into a story. Her reading gave so much confirmation regarding things that she knew that were impossible for her to know that it made me completely trust EVERYTHING that she had to say. 5 stars is a GROSS understatement! Jerome L.

I have had a couple of readings from Nancy and found her to be very accurate, kind and honest. During the readings you feel very comfortable yet surprised and what she information she receives/knows. There is no way she could know many of the things she told me about my past and family history. She is a gentle and kind soul who has a remarkable gift. I have done a reading with her in her lovely home and one over the phone, both were very helpful and provided some much needed information. Katie C.

A truly unique and amazing reading going to Nancy has helped me better myself. The cards showed me truth and a look into what the future has to offer with out this reading I would has lost my self to a man but it helped me see that you don’t need one to make you happy or feel normal just be myself and love me for me I will say ever since I went to my reading I have made more friends gone to parties and I have made myself a better person than I use to be I love my job now get along with everyone. I feel free and it is an amazing feeling I have never felt before.

I am 18 and this reading definitely made me wiser and starter I recommend Nancy for anyone. my cards were right about the past present and we will see what the future ones say. my first reading I got done I was shocked they unfolded and they were right about everything I had to go back after they all came true getting a reading done was worth everything and I view life differently in a positive way it is like photo you keep forever and remember the good memories. Thank you NANCY!!!!! Kendra N.

I had a party in Oct 2014 and it was amazing! Nancy is so nice and refreshing. She told us all how she began doing what she is does and a little of what to expect. (some of us were pretty nervous) By the end of the party she had given me the answers that I was hoping for without having to even ask. Everyone’s reading is different, everyone’s situation is different, but one thing is for sure if you have a reading by Nancy you’ll get the experience that you are looking for! She is truly amazing and I look forward to seeing her more! Anne T.


I had a phone reading with Nancy I was skeptical of mediums and decided to also contact 2 other Mediums. They ALL shared with me the same info I was looking for. Nancy was able to give me details and a really a lot more than I was expecting out of the reading. For future readings I would definitely just go with Nancy next time! Thanks again! Ally

I got a Reading from Nancy about a year ago. This was my first I had ever Had. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. Without telling her anything about me, She could immediately tell me about my personality and tendencies! Through the cards she could tell that we were getting ready to put an addition onto our house, about my work and boss, and that there would be an addition to our family!

I was really hoping to hear anything about anything really, but her knowing that we had begun talking about starting a family was incredible to me. She had predicted that I would become pregnant “By October” I got a positive in September! The cards were dead on with everything. Her intuition was dead on with everything. I would recommend Nancy to absolutely anyone interested in having a reading, and would go back myself any day! Jenn V. Jan 2014

Testimonials 2013

I found Nancy through a Google search and she was rated top 10 in the Chicago area. I visited her website and after reading all the testimonies I knew I had to book an appointment with her. Come to find out, she was located in St. Louis, but that didn’t stop me so I booked for a telephone reading. My reading was set for a specific time and date, she called exactly on the dot, very punctual! We both greeted each other and she began to tell me the feelings that I was experiencing, that my energy was sending her that she felt before she started to dial my phone number.

She talked about my relationship with my significant other before I even mentioned that was the reason for my reading. At this point, I was very impressed and knew she was the real deal. The reading continued and she definitely helped me find clarity and guidance in my situation.

She is very easy to talk to both friendly  and nonjudgmental. I’ve had readings with other psychics in the past that made me feel uncomfortable and awkward during my session, but with Nancy, there was no awkwardness and I felt very comfortable talking to her.Needless to say, I will definitely be booking another reading with Nancy. I had such a great experience the first time, I feel that it will continue onto my future readings with her. She is definitely gifted at what she does! Kim Dec 2013

I recently had a reading with Nancy and let me tell you, it was truly spot on. With the upcoming year approaching I was looking for clarity and also with my husband recently unemployed was trying to seek comfort for his future. Nancy was right on about so many things happening in our life but the biggest was when she told me she felt a promising job for him within 3-4 weeks, she didn’t feel months but 3-4 was definitely the strong number. Within 3 hours of my phone reading my husband got a call for an interview the following day. Well, guess what, he will be employed in that 3-4 week window she felt so strongly about!!!

Our future looks brighter than ever. I cannot thank Nancy enough for her gift and insight. I love speaking with her and will continue to do so!!! Thanks again Nancy!  Amy B. Nov 2013

Nancy is caring and most important honest. Looking for answers? You have come to the right place. Nancy has a special gift, and will provide you with honest answers you are seeking. She is so accurate it’s unbelievable! Nancy is a special person, with an incredible gift. I called for my relationship and the reading was amazing! Nancy, thank you with all my heart. Blessings V. Nov 2013

I just wanted to thank you again for Saturday night. You are amazing and we all really appreciate your talents.  I will see you again soon. Janet N. Oct 2013

I had such a good time with Nancy,  Her reading helped me make peace with my past! Sandi M. Nov 2013

I  am a believer and always have been.  I brought a military friend who I thought this experience would be most beneficial to, and it was.  If you have a friend with a heavy heart or mind, Nancy will ease it.  It was comforting to talk with her about things in my life and realigning my spiritual core.  Go see her (military and civilian)! Joya M. Nov 2013

My family and I want to thank you again. All just re-listened to my reading and all of what you shared had been validated  these past two months.   I made copy of reading and now can delete this one.  Especially know we appreciate your gift and effort and we will turn to you in the future.  Thank you!  Annie Nov 2013

I had a reading by Nancy this morning and in a word: WOW. I have had several readings in the past– but all of those readings pale in comparison to Nancy’s. Nancy blew my mind with how insightful and accurate her reading was. Two things that she immediately picked on was: (1) My family as my weakness/soft spot and (2) The doubts that I have been having about my current relationship. Nancy’s reading explored these two areas and really left me with a sense of hope and direction moving forward. I look forward to having another reading from Nancy! Viv P.

Hi Nancy its Annie–updates: I got into nursing school. U said it’s a great year to go back to school. And got a 2nd job that I’ll be starting in August to save up for school. Ur time frames are ALWAYS dead on. You are amazing and such a blessing to know. Just want to say thank you. Ur gift is incredible. Annie C. Sep 2013

I read my notes to my partner, my daughter and her girlfriend.  We ALL think you are amazing and I found you so easy to connect with; my family will all turn to you in the future.   Donna (daughter) wants to wait and absorb what was shared but we may call you before she leaves for college in September for a session for her.  Again, certainly we will call again in the  future. Know that you were my light today; great insights.  Thank you again for your gift and your care, Annie B.  Sep 2013

Thank you so much for reading for my sister and me.  We had such a great time.  Your house is very easy to find and you’re reading room is so inviting and comfortable.  We were both at ease from the moment we met you.  You really have a gift, and we both left feeling happy and uplifted.  Again, thank you!  **FYI…I heard the song from my dad in 2 days. 🙂 Jeanette C.

Nancy is spot on and specific. If you need guidance  in any way be sure to contact her. She is insightful and honest. Gigi J.

Nancy’s reading was on point and reassuring. She is a kind person and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I am going through a very rough time and she identified my struggle and alleviated my worries. Annina C.

Thank you for another great reading and as always right on the mark. It’s incredible how you tell me things that no one else knows. I appreciate the insight to change the things that are no longer working for me and encouragement to continue on my path. Nancy told me numerous times that money would be coming my way and a couple weeks ago I received a promotion. I’m looking forward to the next year and more readings. Megan M.

I got into nursing school. You  said it’s a great year to go back to school. I got a 2nd job that I’ll be starting in August to save up for school. Your time frames are ALWAYS dead on. You are amazing and such a blessing to know. Just want to say thank you. Your gift is incredible. Thank you Nancy! I just loved my reading! It gives me so much peace.You’re such a gift. Thank you! Andrea C.

I really loved everything you had to say. You read for me a few months ago and I really loved everything you had to say! I wasn’t expecting this but you told me a new little soul would be joining our family this October and I’m due November 12 ( I always deliver a week or so early ). Amazing! Kelly W.

Nancy has a wonderful gift.  I have had the pleasure of visiting with Nancy twice now. Sure the first time I was worried about what she was going to tell me and hesitant also. However after meeting her and listening to her give me insight on my path/life I was blown away and a believer.  After my visit with her those things she had told me in fact started happening. I feel Nancy has a wonderful gift and she will continue to be my psychic in the future! She is an amazing person and is blessed with such a powerful intuitive gift that she is able to share with others! Amy B.

You were very accurate and nice to talk with.  I don’t talk about my personal life to many people, so it was very nice and pleasant to have such an open conversation… was actually very therapeutic for me. Nancy, you have a very nice and open way about you. You made me feel as though you were my friend, as I’m sure you make all your clients feel, and I appreciated that. I passed your email address along to her, and also gave it to several other friends. Don’t be surprised when you hear from them very soon, wanting to schedule appointments. Chris P. 

Nancy’s readings are amazing! You did a reading for me a couple of weeks ago and already things she said are coming true. The first thing she told me(before I even asked her a question) is that I need to teach. She said, “Find something you love to do and teach it.” I told her that was very odd because I was going to ask her if I should start training to become a group fitness instructor. I also asked her about my husband’s health and she said she saw a lot of healing and the worst was over. A week later, we went to the doctor and his test results indicated the same thing. She told me a few other things about my husband’s job that are also starting to come true.  Amy P.

This past July Nancy did a reading for me. All of the cards she read for me said my family would be growing. It was all about my family adding a new member. I thought she was crazy. We have 6 kids and planned for NO more!! September 25th we found out we are expecting our 7th little addition! A big shock to us… Not one to her since she knew since July! Thanks so much!  Nicole H.


Through the cards it feels like you have known me for years. Nancy I am glad I met you! I was brought to tears when you were able to describe my past relationship with my mom in our first reading. Through the cards it feels like you have known me for years. You accurately describe my boyfriend and what I can expect from him in 2013!! My skeptical neighbor Kay is a believer after you read for her. Among other things you mention car trouble, and sure enough the next day that is what she woke up toYou make sense out of my life and others accurately. Jackie K.


Nancy will be my Psychic of choice! I recently had a reading with Nancy. It was wonderful! It’s amazing how the cards speak to Nancy. She puts you right at ease and what a pleasant experience. I haven’t been to a psychic in a long time, but Nancy will now be my psychic of choice. Keep up the great work!!!!  Matina B.

She brought me to tears, but happy tears! I originally met Nancy at a girls night my friend was having. She decided it would be fun to have a psychic help guide us since we were all going through so much at the time. I’m not going to lie I was a skeptic about it all. I just thought I would play along with it. Once I sat down with Nancy she got everything right down to a T without hardly even having to ask me questions. She brought me to tears, but happy tears. She also said I would be with child within a year which has me very nervous considering everything else was right. Currently I have her coming to visit this weekend to do a reading for my family and myself again, that’s how great she was.  Andrea V.

Wow I’ve had numerous readings by Nancy and they’ve all been right on the mark!  Nancy did a reading for my husband today about work. She was correct on everything, right down to him not sleeping! We feel really good about the things she said! Thank you so much!I had my first party and it was amazing how she picked picked up on the guest before it started and she also was able to read someone who wasn’t in attendance – described that person perfectly. Wow I’ve had numerous readings by Nancy and they’ve all been right on the mark!

Thank you Nancy… Your the Best!!! A week ago today I had my cards read by Nancy , and she was able to tell me that my sweet dog Red is still around. He plays with my dogs and laughs at my other shar-pei (who’s just as ornery as Red was). It’s comforting to think that his spirit is still around.  Amy F.

Thank you Nancy… You’re the Best!!! I just wanted to let you know my mom listened to the recordings of your readings she was amazed and verified the things I wasn’t sure about.  Laura P.

This morning’s reading gave me chills! I have felt a sense of relief, both physically and mentally, since you sent me the readings. You understand me.  Amazing. This is just what I needed. Once again, Nancy, a big thank you. This morning’s reading gave me chills. I can’t believe that you could sense the bad dreams I was having!  Your readings have been right on the money for me. Things that nobody knew were going on came out in the cards! Sandy K.

I find your readings inspiring and motivating! As usual crazy and insightful. Thanks Nancy!  I find Nancy’s readings inspiring and motivating… a real reason to get out of bed, LOVE IT!!! I recently had a reading & it reassured me that the decision I am making in my life Thank you Nancy, it was fun & enlightening! You are truly gifted with your cards!  Kathy C.

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