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We Create Love in Our Lives

Have you ever wondered how some people create love around themselves? I used to ask myself why don’t I have relationships, family, friends like that. Why doesn’t everybody have love like that? If you’re like me you thought everything you touched turned brown! I can remember thinking okay I must have done something to deserve this along with lightening is going to strike you dead. I envied those that had what seemed like loving, fulfilling lives.

Romance and How it Doesn’t Work

It’s been decades coming to the realization that I create love in my own life. Nobody else can do it for me. Nobody else can make it happen. It’s all up to me and the life i choose to live. Do you remember being young and romanticizing about every new love you found? You’d see your whole life in your mind. You would fall in love, get married, have a family and live happily ever after. Today I know that is not always the way it works.

My Idea of Love

As I step into the next chapter of my journey I know that I can fall in love without an expectation. I get the opportunity to create love in all of my relationship. As I meet new people and fall in love I have learned my desire is to be in love with a person. I don’t want to change them, control them or own them. I just want to be in love with them exactly as they are. In return I hope they are in love with me exactly as I am. If not, I will not only expect them but will encourage them to keep looking for it. I’ve spent way too much time trying to fix something or someone to conform to my idea of love.

Today I choose the journey of creating love in my life ♥. 

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