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What to expect from spirits, Mcpike mansion


It’s the time of the year when everyone gets into being spooked by Spirits. I love this time of the year and it really has nothing to do with ghosts. My Dad loved Halloween. October was truly his favorite time of the year. He loved to scare us and all the trick or treaters that came to the house. He actually scared us 365 days of the year. His favorite past time was jumping out at us, laying in wait as we walked past and grabbing an ankle. My mother always so frustrated because we always screamed, which he loved.


My Dad passed over 25 years ago. Yet I have continued the tradition of scaring my kids. I hide behind doors, I jump out every chance I get. I’ve driven them through cemeteries, played scary movies in the dark, laid under beds and grabbed ankles. They scream and I love it.


My Grandkids now live with the same spooky occurrences. My daughter scares them every chance she gets. She jumps out at them, lays quietly to grab ankles, throws things across empty dark rooms  and makes them scream. She loves it.

Haunted Mansion

Now you ask what does this have to do with Spirits? Nothing more than an idea that this is how we expect to feel when a Spirit enters a room. Spirits reaching out at us, grabbing our ankles, laying and waiting. He prepared me well for my an overnight stay at McPike Mansion, a haunted mansion and landmark in Alton, Illinois with the crew of Ochoman ~ Behind the 8 Ball and Sara ~  Love in the Lou.

Spirits Revealed

Many Spirits reside in the McPike Mansion. They greeted us at the door. From the old man who wants to be in charge to the little girl who likes to play with a ball. What I found was they all had something to say. Each Spirit let me hear their words. see their images and let me know why they were there. This was an experience of a lifetime. My Dad would have loved this. Jumping out at me, groaning from a dark corner, throwing something across a dark room and laying in the dark to grab my ankles. He would have been sure to scare me until I screamed and loving it.

You can experience a night in a haunted mansion.

I will post the podcast on Halloween weekend.


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