Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the rain or the snow!

It’s been a long cold winter for most of us. I have found myself ¬†letting go of the frustration and embracing the time to rejuvenate my souls, my spirit my energy. What better time is there than a gloomy cold day? Inner peace and spiritually come from the ability to sit with yourself in the quiet. Enjoying the time to yourself. Don’t get me worn I love Spring and Summer but the winter and the rain offer us something we need as well. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain.

I’ve enjoyed the time to learn, meditate, sing and dance in my living room! You can too and you’ll be amazed how it lifts your energy! Dancing in the rain! A wonderful thing. Don’t let life pass you by whir you wait for the rain t stop. Dance in the rain or the snow!

It’s the perfect time to have a psychic medium reading. See what the new year will bring. what’s giving you strength and what is your obstacles. I look doing parties and private readings. If you’re looking for that opportunity to dance in the rain give me call – I can help!

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