Discover and Develop your Intuition

Discovering and developing your intuition is an amazing journey. Have you always known things others didn’t. Had feelings that came from nowhere. How about knowing what a person is made of just by walking up to them? If any of this make sense it maybe time to develop your intuition. Let’s face it, if any of this situation applies to you – you have discovered your gift.

Discovering Your Intuition

We’ll start at the beginning. Literally at the beginning of where you came from. What got you here. How you feel about your daily life. Spirituality.  Together we will discover where your strength lies and where your weakness is. Let’s begin with what is needed from you. How about everything? LOL I’m not kidding, You have to be all in. Committed to living differently.

Reading, Writing and Meditating

Your journey will include creating a sacred space. Writing daily about your feelings. Reading the signs that Spirit give you and mediation. Yes, mediation on a daily basis. You’ll discover the value in setting an intention. The silence you find in your heart will be priceless. There will be books to read and papers to write, All of this leads to enlightenment. 

Mastering Through Practice

As we discover and learn there will be practice among like minded individuals. We will do exercises that teach you to own your gift, Gain confidence and be comfortable reading for others. Here’s the deal – you can’t always be the student. You’ll need to practice to grow. I’ll be with you through the journey.