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Would you like to have a FREE Psychic Reading?

Psychic Party Special Offer! A FREE Psychic Reading for the hostess. Do you have friends that would be interested in a reading? Are you interested in holding a psychic party? You’ve given it thought but worried nobody will show up. Are you worried about the hassle and preparation involved?

No worries, parties are fun and easy, its not tupperware – invite your friends they will come. Just set a date and time – invite as many people as you’d like. 10 guest minimum required for your free reading. I’ll show up with my Tarot cards and it’s  party. As  the  hosts you will receive a FREE psychic reading as a Thank you. Just schedule it, hold it and enjoy yourself!

Schedule and your party with *10 paying guests  and you will receive a FREE Psychic Reading!*  There is no cost to you in anyway. You don’t have to pay travel, collecting money or paying a deposit. I’ll take care of it. Your guest can expect and amazing and accurate reading in private for 50. They will just pay me after their reading is done. You can enjoy your friends, get a psychic reading and be the talk of the town for the best party idea!

If your interested in adding a medium to your party – Matina the Medium and I travel and do parties together. *Please note their is separate cost for Matina. Prices vary for our combined parties based on number of guest and location.   Party nights are any day or night of the week. Keep in mind Friday – Sunday book up fast. So if you can hold it Monday – Thursday you can have first pick. Just give me a call 636-459-5468 or click on contact me to book your party. All I need from you to schedule your party is your name, address, phone and number of guest.

I look forward to hearing from you and  reading for you, your family and friends!


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