Ghost the Movie and the Musical 

    What are the chances of an agency that handles The Chesterfield Mall and Peabody Opera House to be looking for both a psychic & a medium for a special event? To select Matina the Medium and I independently to work together?
     Ghost the Musical is coming to the Peabody Opera House! Ghost the original movie is coming to the AMC Theatre at Chesterfield Mall.  The movie will show on March 22, 2014 at 10 am. Included with the movie will be complimentary medium and psychic readings.
   Matina & I have done parties together for the last 2 years and we found out today that they chose us together for this amazing event! Out of many great choices of local psychic mediums they found us and choose us to work together! We have no idea how they found our names but all I can say is that SPIRIT the UNIVERSE had a hand in this.
  I always say there is no coincidence, chance or luck to life. We are both very excited about this! We would love for our friends & family to support us!

— at Readings By Nancy Feranec.


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