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LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO. — There are many ways to connect with people these days. Over the phone, on Facebook and Twitter or face to face.

I found a woman in Lake St. Louis who has a connection with people that you may have to see to believe.

“What do you do?” I asked her.

“I’m a medium who connects with your loved ones who have crossed over,” Matina the Medium said.

Matina the Medium says she’s a late bloomer to this profession. She began back in the 90s doing readings on nights and weekends. Then in 2001, she decided to do it full time. Matina says she’s actually had readings where no spirit has come through for the client.

That wasn’t exactly the case for me.

Before the interview, Matina says the spirit of one of my loved ones who recently passed came through. Some of the things Matina said made perfect sense … some of the things, I believe, there would be no way for her to find out about me online.

A reading will usually last about 45 to 90 minutes, but she’s had some that have gone on for three hours. So, what can you expect from a medium reading?

“I think they should come in to a reading expecting nothing and walking away with everything,” Matina said.

Shows like TLC’s Long Island Medium have raised awareness of mediums, but you may ask if it always depicts a reading as it is, or is there too much TV editing.

“What are your thoughts on her show? Is it something that showcases this talent … does it help or hurt?” I asked her of the well-known show.

“I think it helps. She is true and honest. I totally know that about her,” Matina said.

Matina has never met the star, Teresa Kaputo, but says she knows Teresa’s mentor.

Matina also says that show helps out her business as well.

What about the skeptics?

“You can be a skeptic. If you’re closed minded, I’m going to know it,” Matina said.

“I’m not here to convince anybody. I’m not here to argue to convince anyone. People who usually come are sent by referral, so they’re coming because they want to,” Matina’s friend Nancy Feranec said. She is also a medium. They usually do parties together.

“If it’s a group of friends, like a bunch of women, they may have a lot of fun because they like to see what I’m talking about, and they laugh. But you have to realized that things may come out that you don’t want others to know,” Nancy said.

Nancy and Matina say they don’t really remember a lot of what comes out of a reading because their body is just a channel for spirit to use. Both will feel physical pain during a reading if spirit needs them to, but overall they have a different feeling when a reading is done.

“What I actually feel from it is joy. I feel joy for you,” Matina explained.

As for what you get out of a reading, Matina hopes you get a feeling of healing and closure, and she says you may physically feel lighter.

Matina offers no guarantees with a reading.

In fact she says you should be prepared for anything, and you never know what the

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