A Leap of Faith

Magician, Leap of Faith

So sometimes life is determined by faith. A leap of faith if you will. I’ve officially taken the leap! As of July 20th I leave the corporate world of banking and take on Tarot Reading and Intuitive Guidance as a full time career! I’m excited as my best long time friend Sandy quoted back one of my favorite sayings ” I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up!” AND  found something I love to do  and figured out how to make a living at it!” I have a passion beyond words for this place I am in life – it’s incredible and I’m so grateful for the friendships, family support and guidance the universe has given me…..
Stick around  – more will be revealed and I promise to share the experience with you.

Are you interested in a psychic reading? Great fun and insight. The cards don’t lie and neither do. I invite you to join me in a reading. You’ll be intrigued at the information I will share with you.

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