major cards

 Learn the major cards

So as I wrote in my previous blog post I’m going to cover Tarot Cards. We’ll start to learn with the Major Cards. Tarot cards tell a story. A beginning, a middle and an end. The Arcana cards are the major life events. As the saying goes “Every picture tells a story!” the cards tell the story with no words. There are 21 Arcana cards.

Pick Three Cards

As you practice with the cards you will see many images within a card. Get yourself a notebook or journal to record your cards. I’ll ask you to pick three cards that you love. Then pick three cards that you don’t love. Write the feelings you have from these 6 different cards. Express yourself. Get detailed, use our imagination.

Follow Along

Check i regularly for the next lesson on learning tarot cards. Keep in touch with me through the comment section. I will respond to all questions and comments. Most importanly enjoy yourself.



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