Lessons on Life, Death and the Dash
Susi Feranec
1961 – 2019

Life and Death

My lessons on life, death and the dash is something we all have in common. Today I’d like to share with you the life of someone very special. As a Psychic Medium I communicate with loved ones who are in Spirit. This is a gift that I love to share with others. You see I serve Spirit first and foremost. Yet today the Spirit I cherish the most is my big sister Susi who passed a month ago.

A Life Well Lived

What do you consider a life well lived? I’ve learned it to be one filled with love, family and friends. We all have the opportunity to live anyway we choose. Yet living a great life is not what many focus on. The lessons we learn along the way about being present, kind, forgiving, genuine and loving is a life well lived.

Death is Always a Part of Life

Who knows when they are going to die? You see nobody really knows. We can be here one minute and gone the next. Leaving our loved ones in a state of shock because of unfinished business. We can learn of a terminal illness and that gives the family and us time. Yet usually takes away the quality of life. Which would you choose?

Calling My Sister

I knew my sister was ill. She was living a healthy full life yet I knew there was trouble. I called her and told her what I felt. She asked the big question “Nancy am I dying?” I had said “Your very sick and need to be in a hospital.” I flew to Florida and brought Susi home on February 7, 2019 to St. Louis where all our family lives. We arrived we went straight to a hospital where it was confirmed my big sister had cancer. The pain was unbearable and the news wasn’t good.

I knew I had brought my sister home to die. Promises made to her I kept. Agreeing to see her through and support any decision she made. Unfortunately there was no decision to be made. There was no treatment available. My big Sister was dying. The days were long and hard to watch. Hospitals, pain, tears, confusion.

Going Home

You see Susi was terrified of hospitals and doctors. She wanted to be home. I kept my promise and got her home to our Mothers on March 13, 2019 and little did I know she would leave us the next day. She left the way she wanted, at home and surrounded by all her family.

Spirit Life and the Dash

I can say I watched my sister life a live worth living everyday. She laughed all the time. Her smile was contagious. She made anyone around her feel special. She was a class act! I will miss her every single day. I know the deal if we live, we die. I’m so proud of the life my sister lived while she was here. As a Medium I can communicate with her, as a person it hurts. Please life your life like there is no tomorrow. Live your life as if you were dying. The lesson I’ve learned is that it is all about the dash. My sister had an awesome dash. 1961 – 2019.

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  1. Although this was a time your gift told you something you didn’t want to know it was also a blessing in that you and the rest of your family were able to spend those last days with your sister. Laughing, crying, telling stories of what you’d done over all the y ears and telling stories of how you would remember her when she was gone from this earth. I wish I had your gift at times so I could communicate with all my loved ones. But I will just know they’re watching over me and we’ll all be together again some day. Hugs and blessings to you, Nancy.

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