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Let’s learn Tarot! Have you ever thought about acquiring the skill it takes to read Tarot Cards. How about if we start right here, right now? I will go through the suits, major cards, the minor cards and the court cards. All you have to do is tune in and turn on.

Tarot Basics 

Let’s go over the basics. There are 21 major cards in a deck of Tarot Cards. There are 40 minor cards and 16 court cards. Every card has a meaning that is very different based on the suit, the number, the colors and the pictures. Cards can also change meaning based on placement in a spread.

Major Cards

Major cards begin with zero and end with twenty. The Fool walks in and the World prevails. Interesting isn’t it? Tarot is a persons life from beginning to end. The cards in between show big or major events in that persons life. Let’s say you are born, you gain life experiences through the journey or path you choose to take. Your psychical body passes and your soul returns to the afterlife.

Minor Cards

Minor Cards begin with one and end with ten. A beginning and an end to the situations we experience on a daily basis. Now the cards are broken down into four suits. Swords, wands, cups and pentacles.


Suits all have a very different meaning. Swords show intellect, thought or difficulties. Wands are energy, passion, action. Cups show love, dreams, your heart. Pentacles show foundation and stability. All of which take place in our lifetime. The suits show timing or time frames.

Do you find any of this interesting? Do you have what it takes to learn to read Tarot cards? I will continue to teach  Tarot through my blog. I offer classes at the local library in O’Fallon Mo.

You can sign up here to  learn Tarot Cards with Nancy in October at the Library. Bring your Tarot cards and be ready to learn, read Tarot cards and have fun. You can follow the link below to register for the Oct 10, 2016 class.

This is a FREE class held at the St. Charles City County Library

learn tarot cards

October 10, 2016

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