Nancy LWSSD Certified Psychic Medium
Master Teacher in Progress

To master the gift of a psychic medium is an amazing experience. I made a decision years ago to continue educating myself for as long as I was in the role of a working psychic medium. To make the decision is like asking to put your head in a tigers mouth. The lessons that appear ones self can feel overwhelming. Yet I learned it’s about overcoming the obstacles to achieve the success.

Mastering the Gift

I consider myself blessed to have studied through the years with some of the best in the business. Knowing I was out of my league was scary yet so enlightening. I like to think as a student I’m humbled and teachable which has helped me become successful. You will hear me say, “I mastered my gift and the ability to turn it on and off.”

Many years ago I learned and studied with Lisa Williams. She’s amazing and has taught me so much. I often say, “I pay her to kick my butt.” You see she tells me like it is. Calls me out when I need it.

Master Teacher

I made the decision last year to apply and become a Master Teacher. Taking my education to the next level as a Master Teacher with Lisa. This was not a decision I made lightly. The commitment is a full year. I will learn directly from Lisa and study with a small group of other working psychic mediums from around the world. This class will take me to Lily Dale through the year and for a 3 week period for the final lessons. I be working as I do now while studying, learning and traveling more than ever.

The irony in studying and learning from Lisa again is in the advice I give to those I teach and mentor. You don’t try to do it… You do it. The commitment to studying for a year with Lisa is like Psychic Medium Boot Camp. She will teach me, push me, inspire me and quite honestly probably make me want cry and walk away. Yet I won’t…she won’t let me. I’ll be pushed further than I’ve imagined possible to master the gifts I’ve been given.

The Gift That Requires Work

I will Master the gift of a Psychic Medium and Master the Gift as a teacher through hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Stay tuned for my Master Teacher Bootcamp blogs.

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I love Psychic Reading, Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Groups, Parties and teaching others. I’m looking forward to sharing my education with you.

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Lisa and Nancy in Lily Dale NY

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