Medium Reading brings Healing

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Medium Reading bringing healing
Stairway to Heaven

Medium Readings

How a Medium Reading brings healing is something very special and unique. I love to help people and heal their hearts after losing a loved one.

My recent experience sitting for a medium reading really taught me a lot. Psychic mediums are not created equal. Some don’t share from the heart and healing must be few and far between.

The Loved Ones I did not Know

Why am I writing about this because it needs to be said. Medium readings should be held to a high standard. You expect your loved ones to step in and say something you recognize. I as a client had some feel of excitement and expectation.

As I prepared for the reading my heart so ready to hear from my loved ones I was disappointed to hear a very vague description of a man from the medium. Did I recognize him? No I didn’t. He was proud of himself or me, she wasn’t sure. Next came a very vague. Did I recognize her. No I didn’t. This was all she had for the reading on her own. She then asked “Did I want to hear from someone?”

Medium Reading brings Healing
Let the love light shine.

Yes, Please let me Hear from Susi

I gave her the name Susi. She then asked if this was a friend. No it wasn’t. She then described the pain Susi had been in here. Her whole body. I had watched it. I cared for her. Yes I did recognize this. Next she explained Susi was resting from her painful passing. She was still resting from it since March.

So I can go step by step and tell you everything that was wrong with this reading but I won’t. I’ll say I felt worse after the medium reading than before we started. The delivery showed little compassion for my loss. Her descriptions were thoughtless.

My Turn to do a Medium Reading

This person then asked me to read for her. I reluctantly did. As I wanted her to see and feel the difference in my delivery, the words, the thoughtfulness, the fond memories, healing message he had for her and the signs of his still being with her. In 10 minutes she was in tears – she could feel him though my reading. I brought Spirit to life. Healing her heart.

“I bring Spirit to Life and Healing to your Heart”

I may not be the best in the business but I do promise to give it my very best with every single reading. Through heartfelt communication with your loved one, and between you and I.


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