Nancy the Psychic, Meet Nancy the Psychic

Meet Nancy the Psychic

Hi meet Nancy the Psychic. I’m a Psychic Medium in the St Louis area. Actually I’m one of the Top 10 Psychics in St Louis. I see the future and talk to dead people. I’m known through the area as Nancy the Psychic simply because my given name “Feranec” is hard for people to say.

The Gift I Love

I have a gift that I am both humbled by and respect a great deal. I assure you it’s a gift. This gift makes no more sense to me than it does to you. You may ask “Have I always had this gift?” I would have to say I always knew and felt things about people. My thought was everyone is like me. I was 40 years old before realizing I was different then most. As a banker I used my gift everyday and never understood why decisions were so complicated for others in the industry.

What I Will Tell You

I’ll tell you things you already know. The intriguing thing is how do I know these things? I can tell you enough about your personality and character that you’ll know I can see your future. The coolest part is seeing what helps you and what gets in your way. I like to call them your obstacles, weaknesses and strength. Rest assured I won’t tell you when you’re going to die. Nor will I tell you when your family is going to die. I will always tell you the truth. Good, Bad or indifferent I will tell you exactly what I see. Now if this is something not pleasant or something I feel you don’t want to hear. I will tell you anyway but I will always look for the good on the other side. I’ll never leave you with gloom and doom or sadness.

Your Journey

I use Tarot card as a tool. They are beautiful, tell a great story and give me direction. Keep in mind I’m not a mind reader. I will tell you things you know about yourself that you may not have thought of in awhile. I’ll tell you things you may have a deep feeling you know. Call it validation or insight. I call it intuition. Something we all have, I just use mine in everyday life and in my readings as a natural thing. I hope I’ve sparked your interest and given you some consideration in having a psychic reading. If not, good luck on your search and journey.


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