Mentor and Master the Spirit World

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Mentor and Master the Spirit World


   Mentor along with Nancy. Spring is a time for fresh and new energy. So let’s change our energy. I’ve devoted my life to serving Spirit for the highest good and with that comes a time to reach out and offer to mentor and teach. As 2017 opens up to me I realize it is a year to mentor and master for myself as well as for others. I’m excited to be working with Lisa Williams again this year. I’d like to invite you along on my journey and lessons.

   I find the most important part of being a mentor is sharing my knowledge and wisdom. Tools that can and will an increase your energy overall. First is sleep it’s so important. You need to shut down and rest your mind and body. 7 to 9 hours sleep is a great target. Second is diet. What do you eat? You need to be aware of what you put in your body. Chemicals need to be removed. Clean eating is highly recommended. Water is an absolute neccessity to keep your energy high. Last but not at all least is exercise 15 minutes each day will change your energy.

   As you change your body let’s take a look at our mind and soul. Do you constantly have mind chattering going? Meditation will allow you to focus clearly. Your mind needs to stop, shut down and allow your Spirit to shine through. Your Soul will find peace and happiness with experiences that make you laugh and smile. Tears also are good for the soul.

   If you follow these tips for 30 days there will be a change within you. Mentoring requires a commitment not to anyone else but yourself. Mark your calendar, set a reminder. Get up, Exercise, meditate, laugh and change your energy.







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