My Buddy My Soulmate

my buddy

I’d like to take today and share a story of My Buddy with you. If you have a few minutes pull up a chair and grab a drink you enjoy. Buddy was a gift from a friend. He was found running the streets aimlessly, almost being hit by a trash truck on a very busy street. He was a mess, unkept and hungry. He came into my life when I needed him more than I had known at the time. I loved him like no other dog I had ever known and he returned that love unconditionally. My kids often teased me about how much he meant to me. Buddy could do no wrong. He stuck by my side always. He had some unflattering habits like leaving the yard, slobbering on the car windows, squawking at the cows like a chicken. He also liked to go on walks and wanted to visit all the dogs. He was  a character.

4 years ago today it was a beautiful warm day and I decided to wash my car with Buddy on his chain with me. I knew not to chain him to the table, I knew it but I didn’t listen to my own intuition this time. He broke free and as I walked towards him in the neighbors yard he was grabbed and shook by a 120 pound Doberman. Our other dog, Lucy ran out and stood up to the dog while I got Buddy away from the yard. I knew his injuries were severe, beyond words. I knew I had to get him to the hospital and I did with the help of my husband who looked in horror as he saw Buddy.

We got him in the truck and drove with the windows down so My Buddy could feel the wind as we took him to the vet. Buddy and I both knew this would be his last ride I talked to him about the life he brought to me, the love I found in him. The vet was shocked and told us there was nothing they could do, this I already knew. Buddy had to be put down. I got to love him and kiss him as he took his last breath here.

I will tell you I was in shock and really wasn’t sure what I was going to do once I came out of it. The person I was would have sought revenge. I would have made them pay for what they did My Buddy. He didn’t deserve this and my pain would have come out in anger. God how I hurt when I finally felt it.

Thanks to Spirit and him I made it through without killing anyone. I opened by heart and felt the pain. I made a decision that Buddy wasn’t going to have died in vain. I went to the city council meetings I told them what had happened to My Buddy, I showed them the pictures the vet office asked me not to look at. I wanted justice not revenge. I wanted his memory to be valued. I wanted him to know how much he was loved.

Buddy made a difference in me, in my heart. He made me want to be a better person. He made me want to be the person he knew all along. He remains with me in spirit today. He continues to help me along my journey.

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