My Journey

My Journey

I’d like to share my journey as a Psychic Medium. I met gave me a message from a loved one in Spirit, an ex-husband to be exact. Someone I can honestly say I wouldn’t have believed in life. “You can do this work, he will help you,” he laughs. He says “He knows you don’t believe him, but he will.” He was right ~ I didn’t believe him!

Spiritual Awakening

I’ve learned Spirit is never wrong. As time passed the life I came to know as my own no longer existed. In a matter of months I went through several difficult and life changing experiences. My sprit was broken. I knew from deep in my soul (though I had no idea what that felt like) “Tarot Cards”. I just knew. There’s no other way to explain it. I just knew. “My first glimpse at the gift of knowing”. Little did I know the journey would change me from the inside out.

Along the Way

My journey began, an unbelievable, exciting, powerful journey into the world of  Tarot, Intuition and Psychic ability. Tarot Cards are my natural gift. “My second glimpse at the gift of seeing.” They show me a story. Yes, I see the past, present & future through the cards. As I saw them I knew exactly what they meant. I chose to practice, learn and master the gift of my psychic intuition. “My third glimpse at the gift of feeling.” I felt it in my soul.

Spirit Entered

I learned along the way Spirit loves a messenger. Spirit entered and I heard exactly what was being said “My fourth glimpse at the gift of hearing.” I practiced, learned, made mistakes, practiced. Learned and made more mistake as I mastered my gift as a Psychic Medium. I knew it in my soul and connect with Spirit to receive the messages they share. Learning from Psychic Medium; John Holland and the incredible Psychic Medium; Lisa Williams. I’m authentic and have integrity with all of my readings. I always share with you exactly the way your loved ones appear to me.

Lessons Learned

My life has forever been altered. The lessons I learn along the way are not always easy. They all revolved around me. Lessons got me here so I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m humbled to have a gift that allows me to guide, heal and inspire. I do my best with every reading every time. This is a promise I make to Spirit with every connection.

Today's Journey

Coming from higher self has opened up for me and I live life to the fullest. It’s true “You can’t make this stuff up.”  My journey isn’t to convince anyone. My journey is to serve Spirit for the highest good in the whitest light of energy.

She’s very welcoming and very honest. While not really knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind and was so pleasantly surprised and honestly shocked with how she was able to know certain aspects of my life. It’s surreal how accurate her reading was and how she was able to connect with Spirit in order to provide messages that not only helped me, but for me to pass on to loved ones around me. If you’ve been thinking about visiting a psychic/medium I definitely recommend Nancy! Stephanie B. May 2018.

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