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Nancy the Psychic Feranec

Nancy the Psychic and Medium would like to answer your questions about the difference in Psychics and Mediums. Have you found yourself searching for guidance or help and not sure what the difference is in a Psychic and a Medium?


A Psychic has the gift to see, hear, feel or know things about others through intuition. Are you seeking guidance or insight into your future? You’re in need of a Psychic. As a person with this gift I can tell you it’s a very positive experience.


A Medium has the gift to see, hear, feel and or know things about people who have crossed into Spirit. Many call it Heaven. Are you wanting to know if your loved one is okay? A Medium will take care of this. As a person with this gift I can tell it’s a very emotional and healing experience.

Gifts and Abilities

A Psychic Medium has the gift and ability to see into the future and communicate with loved ones on the other side. A combined reading brings healing, love, closure and will show what your future holds now.

Nancy the Psychic Medium

I can see the future and communicate with spirit. As you join me for a reading I will share messages from your loved ones. Tell you what I know about you. Look at your future and answer any questions you may have.

Certified Psychic Medium
Nancy Feranec

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