Your Life Time Your Choices

We all get one life, one time, one soul for this ride. Have you ever questioned why we feel great at one time yet on at other time we feel miserable? Have you ever thought life sure is a roller coaster ride? How about when the ball hits you in the head out of left field and you didn’t see it coming? Do you question if you have found your Soul mate? Does time really heal all wounds? I know I sought these answers for myself for many years in my younger days.  I constantly chose to follow my head instead of my heart.

Time it’s an odd thing isn’t it? On one hand it travels like the speed of light and on the other hand it crawls through. Why do you think that is? How many times have you wanted to slow down or speed up time? Have you spent a lifetime searching for answers that haven’t yet seemed to come?

The gift of intuition, spiritual awareness and enlightenment are not just for a few chosen souls. We all have the ability to seek and find the answers to all our questions in the time that works best for our life and not a minute sooner. You have to be open to the possibilities, you have to desire it in your heart. You have to search for it. Where? Within your own heart.

Life is based on time, past, present and future. Where do you live most of your days? The here and now? You have to ask, listen and out the foot work in to transform your life and guess what it not only slows down time, you will have a peace about you. You will know why days feel emotionally uncontrollable. You’ll know when to step up and when to walk away. You’ll know if you’ve met and will continue a relationship with your soulmate.

Life is but a dream made up by you. You plant, fertilize and cultivate your time and your life. You’re choices, your happiness, your time in this world depends on you and no one else. Would you like to look deeper into time, happiness, dreams? I’m available and I love to share the gift I’ve been given. There are no secrets to what I do. I’ll share it with you in every way.

You just have to find the time!

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