Power of the universe

Powers of the Universe

The power of the universe never seizes to amaze me. As life unfolds and  we travel the broken  roads I’m always reminded I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be.  I find myself on yet another new journey. The powers of the universe are at work. When I’m not sure which direction to go I can always consult may Tarot Cards and trust me – I do. When I’m not sure where to go I ask. Spirit always provides the answers I just have to listen. I have to not be afraid. I have to walk through the fear. Ask for faith to see me through.

The gift I have is incredible and I’m so very grateful for it. I can see where I’m headed, what is helping me and what is hurting me. I treat this gift with respect and integrity. The power of the universe just keeps providing.

We invite people into our life for many reasons and we let them go for just as many  reasons.  When a lesson is mastered and we move on do we feel as if we made a mistake? That we have failed? Is it possible that they have served their purpose? Is it hard to imagine that the kindest thing we can do is to let them go?

Are you searching for answers? I always am. The universe provides me with a gift of intuition. I may have some of  the answers your looking for.  You may want to see what the future really holds. So I welcome you on my journey, the journey that is always changing and amazing. The power of the universe never seizes to amaze me.

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