My Psychic Assistant

Psychic Assistant

I’d like to introduce you to my assistant, the Psychic Assistant ~ Nicole. She joined me in May of 2015. She came to me with a background in team management and crowd control. I call her my assistant but in all reality she is my manager. She manages all phone calls, emails and text for my business. She answers questions, juggles my schedule and keeps everything running smooth. As the days unfold and I’m winding down she is still going at it. She greets every client with a smile and a kind gesture. She has a true passion for the success of my readings.

Nicole is one of my biggest  supporters but ironically she is not a not a fan of having her cards read or receiving messages from Spirit. She prefers I leave that for the clients. Ask her why and she’ll tell you I saw her last pregnancy coming about 6 weeks before she did. She acts as if I had something to do with it!

Chances are if I’m talking with you Nicole has already gotten to know you, answered your questions, scheduled your appointment, got your information and confirmed your reading. She’s told you where to go and how to get there. She is the one that runs this show. I tease her and tell her she is always telling me what to do and where to go.

Spirit guided me to the idea of bringing Nicole in out of necessity. Having Nicole as my assistant  allows me to do what I love. I can focus my energy on you and your reading while Nicole handles the logistics. She really makes it look easy. So the next time you talk with her tell her thank her for making this all work so well. Spirit is never wrong and cards don’t lie.


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