Party with a purpose is a great way to have a good time. I host the usual Psychic parties; everyone get a short reading about what the future holds. I also host Medium Group readings; loved ones on Spirit come forward with evidence and messages for the group. Party with a purpose is different and I of fun for everyone. I’ll break down the way all three work.

   To party with a purpose – you have to choose the theme. In this case we’ll choose a Psychic party with Tarot cards. You invite a few friends join in for the fun. I explain how I work and answer any questions from the group. Everyone will feel comfortable. In a private area I will read each guest spending 15-20 minutes looking and sharing what I see, hear, feel and know. I may also share your Animal Animal Spirit or a Moon Oracle card. This always very insightful, energetic and fun for everyone. As one 75 year young client told me, “I’m having a party with you Nancy! Everyone will come you’re not Tupperware.”  Boy, was she right. 

    A medium Group Reading is chosen theme as well. It is a great way to communicate with your loved ones on the other side. I usually arrive after everyone else. While your guest are comfortably sitting around the room.  Explaining how it works before we begin. Answering   questions the group may have. Then I will share evidence, healing messages and symbols from the other side. Everyone may not receive a personal message but all will share in the laughter, tears and healing that takes place. I always do my very best to bring your loved one in to the room. Healing to your heart. 

   The purpose is to have a great time and learn something new, exciting and fun in the Spiritual world. You choose what the group learns. You could learn Tarot Readings, Numerology. Pendulums, Psychometry, Meditation. This is always a great time. Everyone laughs, cries, and feels good was they have a great time with like minded, or maybe not so like minded people. 

I'm having a party with you Nancy! Everyone will come you're not Tupperware.

An 75 year young client

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