Opening a 2nd Psychic Reading Room

My Reading Room

The decision to expand my Psychic Reading Room business is at hand. I have been giving readings out of my Reading Room at my home for 3 years and have recently been guided to expand and move to a building. What a decision to make! You may think because I’m a psychic I have all the answers. Funny I do have the answers for others but for myself it’s not that easy.

I love my psychic reading room and working from home but Spirit has placed this idea in my heart and so I know to at least research it. How many of you have had big life changing decisions to make and want the answers solid, loud and clear? I want to hear loud and clear “Nancy expand your business” with exclamation points!

I know this is an exciting direction and that Spirit is never wrong, but you see I like to question myself too. I don’t want to lose the personal touch of my psychic reading room in my home and I have with my clients when they walk into my home and feel the energy, feel the peace, feel the happiness. Yet I feel adding a second location in the St. Louis area will benefit my clients. Do you agree?

Feedback Requested

I always tell people I love feedback, well this is a case that I would really love feedback. Do I trust my intuition? Step out in faith? Do I take my own advice? If I was reading for you I would confidently tell you what I saw for you. I could see your obstacles, weakness and strengths. I would guide you into a place I know you belong.

I would ask how you felt when you thought of your decision. Is your head talking or your heart? Do you know the difference? Would you trust me based on the knowledge I had of your past, present and personality?

Read for Me Please!

So today I’m asking you, my friends, my clients, my believers and doubters. Do I step out in faith? Do I give myself a reading? Do I visit a psychic? Can you read for me? Should I open that second Psychic reading room?

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