How Psychic Readings Work

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How Do Psychic Readings Work

How Psychic Readings Work

How do Psychic Readings work? Have you found yourself wondering if a psychic reading would help you? Many people come to a point in life where having a glimpse at the future would be helpful. Then comes the question how does it work? Will the psychic know what is ahead in my life? Can someone see the future? A fortune teller – really?

How it Works

I’m not an expert on psychic readings, and can’t speak for others but I can tell you how it works for me when someone joins me for a reading. Thoughts and feelings come to me in their presence. I may even hear words or phrases. I may have images flash across my mind. When I’m with you I know the difference between myself and the other person. Sometimes what I pick up is deep emotional turmoil, but I’m as likely to pick up a funny fact about the person. I don’t pretend to be a mind reader because it doesn’t work that way. The connection is different, deeper, a heart felt connection. That’s how a Psychic Reading works.

Tools of the Trade

Tarot cards are simply a tool. They focus the information I’m getting.If you add tarot cards to an intuitive person they help clarify the information that is being given. Please know tarot cards are fun, very pretty and powerless alone.

Please keep in mind all psychic readings work in their own way. Some may use crystals, pendulums, candles, or other props. These are all tools of the trade. Psychic readings are enlightening, inspiring, entertaining and emotional. I can’t read everyone and I can’t promise all the answers but giving it the best is a promise.

I Sent You

What is required of you as the guest? An open mind, a relaxed setting, maybe a few questions to ask. If you decide to see a psychic. Enjoy the experience and tell them Nancy sent you.

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