Psychics, Spirits, Hauntings

  I’d like to share the podcast from last week with Ochoman, Todd and Sara of Love in the Lou. I had an amazing time reading for these guys. This podcast was the 1st of what I hope to be many in the future. We discussed psychics, spirits, hauntings. These guys had never had a psychic reading. I read each one, laughed and enjoyed the hour spent together. Listen by clicking on the link below, I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking.

McPike Mansion

   October 19th 2016 will take me to the McPike Mansion in Alton Illinios. I’ll be tagging along with Ochoman Gang to share Spirit messages. Now I will tell you McPike Mansion is a very special place. McPike Mansion is a haunted place. We will be there and share the experience live with listeners.  You can listen in as well by going to

psychics, spirits ,hauntngs

Nancy reads Ochoman, Todd & Sara


Nancy joins the Crew

The following is from Ochoman’s site. Nancy Feranec is a popular psychic in the area and voted one of the best psychics in St. Louis and Chicago. She joins the show to do readings of each person and tells them all what the next year will look like for them. They also talked about the upcoming Halloween show at McPike Mansion where Nancy will be joining the crew again.

Love in the Lou

I’ll be joining Sara at Love in the Lou on 1260am The Answer in St. Louis on Oct 30, 2016 from 2pm-3pm. You can read more about Sara and this awesome show at Joining us will be the owner of McPike Mansion. We’ll discuss the haunting. I look forward to sharing this time with Sara. I’ll keep you posted and share the broadcast here.



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