Seeing the Future


Seeing the Future

I’m often asked about seeing the future for myself. As a Psychic Medium people often think I can see my own future, my own outcome in situations. That is not always the case, as a matter of fact it’s not meant to be the case. In order to live a full life of completeness and happiness I have to let life unfold without knowing my future. It’s kind of crazy that I can see yours. No, I don’t see lottery numbers or your death, but I do see your journey through the cards.

The Journey

We all have a journey. When I read your future I’m looking at the journey you are currently on. I can see your weaknesses, obstacles and strengths. You see we all travel a journey, we have the ability to alter the journey at any time. The information I share with you is insight. You can go out and change that on your own. Let’s say I see a divorce coming your way with a broken heart and injustice. You may go home and make nice with your spouse. You may make the decision that you don’t want that broke heart or divorce and change the outcome. It’s all part of your journey.


We all have a plan laid out for our destiny but the journey we take makes the difference. As an intuitive I can see your future. Sometimes you may already be on this journey and know what I’m telling you is true. Other times you may look at me in disbelief at what I see unfolding. I believe we all have a predetermined outcome – destiny. It’s the choices that make it our own journey.

Psychic Medium Readings

You can set up a psychic medium reading with Nancy through the website or by calling Nicole at 636-459-5468. I can see the journey you on. You can ask questions and expect accurate honest answers. It’s really very intriguing and fun.

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  1. Thank you Nancy. I was wondering why I couldn’t see my future. I’m taking your advice and meditating, setting intention. I know, as you said will change my life. I am forever grateful for your truth and kindness.

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