Services are by Appointment


Services and Rates


I’m offering Private Readings by Zoom or FaceTime. Psychic Parties and Medium Group Readings are available in person. 

Please note readings are now Psychic or MediumI can no longer offer Psychic and Medium services in the same session.


Psychic Services  ~ What to expect from my services with a Psychic reading; I’ll look at of your Life Path and Personal Year number. I’ll share through the gift of intuition what I know about you. I love Tarot Card Readings for 3 reasons. Tarot cards are beautiful, they tell an amazing story. The cards give me direction into your past, present & future. I’ll share your strengths & obstacles along your journey. Please plan this to be scheduled on the first available Tuesday or Thursday.  

30 minutes $100

45 minutes $150

 60 minutes $180 (Perfect for 2 people to share) 

*A Small group of 4 on Zoom will love 1.5 hours with the total cost of $250. 

*This may include messages from Spirit on the other side.


Medium Services ~ What to expect from my services with a Medium reading; I’ll ask you to invite anyone you have loved and lost to come along to the reading with you. I’ll explain how your loved ones in Spirit works with me to bring you evidence and messages of love and healing. Please plan this to be scheduled on the first available Wednesday.  

30 minutes $150

45 minutes $180

*A Small group of 4 on Zoom will love the 1.5 hours with the total cost of $350.

*This may include short Psychic reading as well, if time allows. 

Psychic Party with a Purpose

Party with a Purpose Rate $200 per hour

Tarot Party ~ Intro to Tarot Reading

Numerology ~ Love is in the Numbers

 Pendulums ~ Divine Answers

 Call Nancy and discuss Party with a Purpose. This is a unique party. We will work together to throw the perfect party!

The perfect get together with a few friends. You’ll Learn and laugh together. 

The hourly rate readings will be tailored to the best experience for your gathering or event.

Psychic Tarot Party Rates

Party Rates $200 per hour 


  $60 is for a 15 minute private reading per Person.

The hourly rate readings will be tailored to the best experience for your gathering or event.

Group Reading Services and Rates

Group Medium Rate $300

Medium Group Readings ~ I’ll come to your place and connect with your loved ones in Spirit to bring healing messages and signs in an amazing way. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading but everyone will feel the love and healing from the other side. This is perfect for up to 10 guests. This is 1 hour of Spirit Messages and 30 minutes of questions, answers and feedback.

Spiritual Mentoring

Service and Rates available by request

Spiritual Mentoring ~ Do you have a passion to learn about Spirituality and Intuition? Would you like to learn Tarot Cards, Psychometry, Numerology, Spirit Communication? Develop the ability to meditate? I love to share and teach others. You can learn to live from Higher Self, which changes your life in ways that dreams are made of!

Services offered for Personal and Corporate Events

Everyone enjoys a party!

             An extraordinary time for everyone. As a 75 year young client told me, 

“I’m having a Psychic party with you Nancy! Everyone will come you’re not Tupperware!” She was right!

 I travel in Missouri and Illinois.

Please call or text 636-459-5468 for availability or schedule here online.

Nancy Feranec’s Disclaimer: By paying for or accepting a Psychic reading you agree the messages you receive are not substitute for advice, program or treatment from licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. Nancy provides no guarantees, or implied warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by clients.