Discovering and Developing your Intuition

Discover and Develop your Intuition Discovering and developing your intuition is an amazing journey. Have you always known things others didn’t. Had feelings that came from nowhere. How about knowing what a person is made of just by walking up to them? If any of this make sense it maybe time to develop your intuition. […]

Mystic Mag Online Interview

Mystic Mag asks Nancy This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Nancy Feranec – a renowned Authentic Psychic Medium. We learned more about her beginnings, what are the most difficult types of readings, and what should a psychic do in case they see something bad in a client’s future. What inspired you to […]

The Love of Reading Tarot Cards

The Love of Tarot Cards The love of reading tarot cards came to me 10 years ago. I was always intrigued by the cards but had no idea the special gift I had with tarot. The story they tell through the pictures, signs and symbols always amazes me. Have you ever wondered what the pictures […]

Psychic Party with a Purpose

Nancy the Psychic Medium

Party with a Purpose ~ Psychic Style Party with a purpose is a great way to have a good time. I host the usual Psychic parties; everyone get a short reading about what the future holds. I also host Medium Group readings; loved ones on Spirit come forward with evidence and messages for the group. […]

Master the Gift of a Psychic Medium.

To master the gift of a psychic medium is an amazing experience. I made a decision years ago to continue educating myself for as long as I was in the role of a working psychic medium. To make the decision is like asking to put your head in a tigers mouth. The lessons that appear […]

Numbers in Your Life

Numerology The Numbers in your life are both meaningful and interesting. Have you ever done numerology? I love numbers and what they reveal about who we are. Why we are the way that we are and how they fit so perfectly in out lives. Your Soul Number The interesting things about our Soul number is […]

The Lessons on Life we Learn Along the Way.

Lessons we learn before we die The lessons in life we learn along the way. Recently a person asked “If once we learn our lessons in life do we die?” This question brought me to a place of deep thought based on experience with people. Spirit shares lessons Spirit I’ve communicated with has shared with […]

Nancy the Psychic and Medium

Nancy the Psychic and Medium would like to answer your questions about the difference in Psychics and Mediums. Have you found yourself searching for guidance or help and not sure what the difference is in a Psychic and a Medium? Psychics A Psychic has the gift to see, hear, feel or know things about others […]

Lessons on Life, Death and the Dash

Life and Death My lessons on life, death and the dash is something we all have in common. Today I’d like to share with you the life of someone very special. As a Psychic Medium I communicate with loved ones who are in Spirit. This is a gift that I love to share with others. […]

2019 Resolution

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year resolutions? Do you usually? Have you been successful in the past? The definition of resolution is to find an answer or end a conflict with something. To resolve an issue. I really don’t want to start 2019 carrying on problems or unresolved issues from the past. […]