Nancy the Psychic and Medium

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St. Louis Psychic Medium
Nancy the Psychic Feranec

Nancy the Psychic and Medium would like to answer your questions about the difference in Psychics and Mediums. Have you found yourself searching for guidance or help and not sure what the difference is in a Psychic and a Medium?


A Psychic has the gift to see, hear, feel or know things about others through intuition. Are you seeking ...

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Lessons on Life, Death and the Dash

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Lessons on Life, Death and the Dash
Susi Feranec
1961 – 2019

Life and Death

My lessons on life, death and the dash is something we all have in common. Today I’d like to share with you the life of someone very special. As a Psychic Medium I communicate with loved ones who are in Spirit. This is a gift that I love to share with others. You see I serve ...

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Scammed by a Psychic

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Are you concerned with being scammed by a Psychic? Here’s a topic I would like to discuss with anyone searching for a Psychic Medium. I’ve heard of people who claim to be a psychic or medium taking advantage of those searching for guidance.

 What I believe is a sure sign of being scammed.

  • Your given a set amount in advance and then upon arriving told or asked to pay more.
  • The person immediately says you have bad energy.
  • You are ...
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