Scammed by a Psychic

Tarot Reading

Scammed by a Psychic Are you concerned with being scammed by a Psychic? Here’s a topic I would like to discuss with anyone searching for a Psychic Medium. I’ve heard of people who claim to be a psychic or medium taking advantage of those searching for guidance.  What I believe is a sure sign of […]

My Buddy

My Buddy My Soulmate I’d like to take today and share a story of My Buddy with you. If you have a few minutes pull up a chair and grab a drink you enjoy. Buddy was a gift from a friend. He was found running the streets aimlessly, almost being hit by a trash truck […]

Learn Tarot Cards

Learn Tarot Cards Let’s take the autumn to a whole new place. Learn Tarot Cards through my blog. This will be the 1st of a series on Tarot Cards. Here’s the place to be. Stop in, make a bookmark, visit often. You’ll be introduced into the journey of intuition and skill of Tarot Reading. You […]

Creve Coeur Reading Room

Creve Coeur Reading Room My Reading Room is now open in Creve Coeur.  I’m excited to offer readings at my new location starting August 1, 2015.  This location is in addition to my Wright City Reading Room. I can honestly say this is purely Spirit driven. On July 1st I didn’t even have a plan […]

Psychic Reading Room

Opening a 2nd Psychic Reading Room The decision to expand my Psychic Reading Room business is at hand. I have been giving readings out of my Reading Room at my home for 3 years and have recently been guided to expand and move to a building. What a decision to make! You may think because […]

One Life One Time

Your Life Time Your Choices We all get one life, one time, one soul for this ride. Have you ever questioned why we feel great at one time yet on at other time we feel miserable? Have you ever thought life sure is a roller coaster ride? How about when the ball hits you in […]

Tarot Cards

 Tarot Cards       Have you wanted to learn  tarot cards? Have you ever questioned if you have the ability to interpret them? Is there just a curious wonder? Would you like to try and read Tarot Cards with the help of a local St. Louis Top 10 Psychic Medium? I’ll give you the story of […]

Choose Tarot Card

Tarot Card ~ Pick One   Would you like to pick a Tarot card?  The tarot cards are an amazing tool for a Psychic. Many like myself use the cards as a tool, a visual for the client. Tarot cards to me are beautiful. They tell an amazing story and give guidance to a reading. […]

Spiritual Energy

Energy of you and Spirit      Have you ever felt someone from across a room? Have you ever had someone appear one way but felt the opposite when you get near them? This my friend is energy. We are all made of it. Lets face it we all have a soul and a soul […]