Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy

Energy of you and Spirit

     Have you ever felt someone from across a room? Have you ever had someone appear one way but felt the opposite when you get near them? This my friend is energy. We are all made of it. Lets face it we all have a soul and a soul is nothing but pure energy. So why does it seem so unusual that we can feel Spiritual energy around us?

    Many of us are effected by others energy and may not even realize it. If you’re feeling lonely and sad who are you going to reach out? A tired, grouchy person or a person who smiles and laughs? If you’re feeling high on life with new ideas and a bounce in your step who will you choose to spend the afternoon with? A person who is sad, tired, depressed or a person who jumps up and down with you over your news? Give this some thought. Who are you, how does your energy present itself? The cool thing with energy is you don’t even have to open your mouth to communicate it!

     As a medium I feel the energy of Spirit as much as I see and hear them. There is nothing like the energy of a Spirit entering the room with one of their loved ones present. The more the person recognizes the information being relayed the stronger Spirit feels. I sometimes refer to Spirit as an eavesdropper because they do love to be in communication with their loved ones.

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