Spirituality and the Coronavirus Connection

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Spirituality and Coronavirus

Spirituality and You

Life as we know it has changed. I believe Spirituality is important during this difficult time. This is a Spiritual awakening. I have to say I feel Spirituality has everything to do with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus and Us

Where were you when it was announced that we need to lock ourselves in our homes? A virus outbreak? Is this real? A warning; we may lose many people due to this strange thing called Corona?

Understanding Coronavirus

If I am like many others. I had no idea what this was and sure didn’t understand how it could kill many people in a short time. Many of us didn’t understand it, nor would we for several days into the quarantine. I found a very simple explanation that helped me a great deal. The virus was originally an illness found in only animals. Corona had crossed over to humans and mutated. Now this isn’t suppose to happen. Animals and humans do not normally share illnesses. Here lies the problem.

The Virus Strikes

This virus goes into our lungs. The mutated cell attacks our lung tissue and pushes out the good cells, which leaves us with the mutated cells. We will show symptoms of cough, fever, body aches. In some, actually many people will go into ARDS – Adult Respiratory Disorder Syndrome. We can no longer breath on our own.

The Effect

This illness or virus effects all of us because a person can walk around with the virus and pass it to others before they show any symptoms. Young people need to stay clear of elderly and compromised people. Elderly need to stay clear of anyone that may be a carrier.

Simple Explanation

As I explained to my 23 year old son. Think of others before yourself. You can’t take risks with your health because you may be infected and show no signs, then you go somewhere and share the illness with others. You have no idea your sick and you go around elderly or compromised people, they get it and before they know they have it-they have been around others and infected them. Son I said “What if a young person is infected and visits me?” I then get sick. I could very well pass on from the virus. You son may very well cause someone else’s illness or passing.

The Spiritual Connection

You ask how are Spirituality and Coronavirus connected? To me it’s simple. We are in a time where we must thing of others, put the needs of others before our own. Period. If we don’t others may get sick or worse yet; pass over. We must become selfless. Consider the needs of others. During this difficult time do the right thing. Be kind to others. Spirituality is a journey not a destination. The connection is obvious. We need to be kind. Do the right thing when nobody is looking. Pay our way and help others. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Period.

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