St. Louis Mo Area Psychic Parties

             St. Louis MO Area Psychic Parties

Have you been considering having a psychic party? Do you live in the St. Louis Mo area or Illinois?  I travel throughout the area for psychic parties. You can expect me to arrive a few minutes before your guest, setup takes just a few minutes and readings begin. You and your guest will have a great time. My psychic readings and parties are intriguing, fun and accurate. Psychic party readings last 10 or 20 minutes per person and each person pays for themselves at that time.

As the hostess you don’t have to worry about collecting the money. No deposit is required. A good number for your psychic party guests would be 10. You can give them my web page for questions or testimonials. I accept cash, check or debit/credit cards.

Have a special night, a few close friends, some drinks and a light snack. Add me and the party will come together. A psychic party is always memorable. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do for your friends ~ This is it!

So what are you waiting for? Give me a call 636-459-5468 or contact me here and we’ll get your Psychic Party booked at your convenience. I travel through the St. Louis MO area and Illinois.

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  1. Good Evening
    I only would like a reading for myself …I live in South County

    Could you please tell me how much $ and how long , I seen something about 20 minutes , but is that for an individual reading also ? thank you

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