Tarot Cards

 Tarot Cards       Have you wanted to learn  tarot cards? Have you ever questioned if you have the ability to interpret them? Is there just a curious wonder? Would you like to try and read Tarot Cards with the help of a local St. Louis Top 10 Psychic Medium? I’ll give you the story of […]

Love of Tarot

The Love of Tarot  The story of Tarot and where it has taken my life. I’m a clairvoyant psychic with a unique sense of feeling and knowing things about people, places and things. I know and feel things that amaze people. Hell it still amazes me at times! People often ask, “How do you know […]

Fall Fairs and Festival

St. Louis Area Falls and Festival The sun is shining and so am I! It’s fair and festival season around St. Louis. Good music, laughter, friends and Tarot Cards!! My life is enriched because people allow me the privilege of sharing my psychic readings with them. This is a gift that I choose to share […]