Love of Tarot

The Love of Tarot  The story of Tarot and where it has taken my life. I’m a clairvoyant psychic with a unique sense of feeling and knowing things about people, places and things. I know and feel things that amaze people. Hell it still amazes me at times! People often ask, “How do you know […]

The Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands – Spring is the Season    The Ace of Wands the card of Spring, new beginnings. Full of life and ready to go. I find myself drawn to this card today. Spring is  just around the corner, yet seems to be hiding these days. I’m ready for the smell of grass […]

“Top 10 Psychic in St. Louis”

Top 10 Psychic in St. Louis If you’re reading this I take it you’re curious about psychic readings and clairvoyance.  Thank you for visiting. I have a psychic ability through the intriquing gift of Claircognizance   (knowing) and  Clairsentience  (feeling) a powerful  energy,  that I  share through Tarot.   This is a gift and  I’m always grateful […]