Choose Tarot Card

Tarot Card ~ Pick One   Would you like to pick a Tarot card?  The tarot cards are an amazing tool for a Psychic. Many like myself use the cards as a tool, a visual for the client. Tarot cards to me are beautiful. They tell an amazing story and give guidance to a reading. […]

Love of Tarot

The Love of Tarot  The story of Tarot and where it has taken my life. I’m a clairvoyant psychic with a unique sense of feeling and knowing things about people, places and things. I know and feel things that amaze people. Hell it still amazes me at times! People often ask, “How do you know […]

How about a Psychic Party for the New Year

New Year’s Psychic Party   A psychic party! Have you thought of hosting a psychic party? You’re just not sure what all is involved? Too much of a hassle? What all you have to do? I can tell you – very simply you invite some friends over, have a quiet area where I can set […]

Top 10 Psychics St Louis

  Top 10 St Louis Psychics I’ve had the privilege of adding The Top 10 St Louis Psychics  to my web page. I’m excited and honored to be a part of the Top 10 Psychics in St Louis.  Find me – you will  be intrigued at the information I share with you. My psychics  readings […]

Eureka Days is Here

Eureka Days is Here! Gearing up for Eureka Days this Friday 5 – 11 pm and Saturday 11 – 11 pm. Come by meet me, say Hi, join me in a Psychic Reading. Great fun I promise!Have you ever experienced a Psychic reading? I have a gift kino intuition with a clear sens of knowing, […]