Master the Gift of a Psychic Medium.

To master the gift of a psychic medium is an amazing experience. I made a decision years ago to continue educating myself for as long as I was in the role of a working psychic medium. To make the decision is like asking to put your head in a tigers mouth. The lessons that appear […]

Nancy the Psychic and Medium

Nancy the Psychic and Medium would like to answer your questions about the difference in Psychics and Mediums. Have you found yourself searching for guidance or help and not sure what the difference is in a Psychic and a Medium? Psychics A Psychic has the gift to see, hear, feel or know things about others […]

Scammed by a Psychic

Tarot Reading

Scammed by a Psychic Are you concerned with being scammed by a Psychic? Here’s a topic I would like to discuss with anyone searching for a Psychic Medium. I’ve heard of people who claim to be a psychic or medium taking advantage of those searching for guidance.  What I believe is a sure sign of […]

One Life One Time

Your Life Time Your Choices We all get one life, one time, one soul for this ride. Have you ever questioned why we feel great at one time yet on at other time we feel miserable? Have you ever thought life sure is a roller coaster ride? How about when the ball hits you in […]

Tarot Cards

 Tarot Cards       Have you wanted to learn  tarot cards? Have you ever questioned if you have the ability to interpret them? Is there just a curious wonder? Would you like to try and read Tarot Cards with the help of a local St. Louis Top 10 Psychic Medium? I’ll give you the story of […]

Choose Tarot Card

Tarot Card ~ Pick One   Would you like to pick a Tarot card?  The tarot cards are an amazing tool for a Psychic. Many like myself use the cards as a tool, a visual for the client. Tarot cards to me are beautiful. They tell an amazing story and give guidance to a reading. […]

Psychic Party St. Louis, MO

  Psychic Party      Have you been considering having a psychic party? Do you live in the St. Louis,  Missouri or Illinois. I travel throughout the area for psychic parties.  You can expect me to arrive a few minutes before your guest, setup takes just a few minutes and readings begin. You and your […]

KHQA Interview

KHQA Interview LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO. — There are many ways to connect with people these days. Over the phone, on Facebook and Twitter or face to face. I found a woman in Lake St. Louis who has a connection with people that you may have to see to believe. “What do you do?” I asked her. “I’m a medium who […]

A Free Psychic Reading

Would you like to have a FREE Psychic Reading? Psychic Party Special Offer! A FREE Psychic Reading for the hostess. Do you have friends that would be interested in a reading? Are you interested in holding a psychic party? You’ve given it thought but worried nobody will show up. Are you worried about the hassle and preparation involved? […]

Love of Tarot

The Love of Tarot  The story of Tarot and where it has taken my life. I’m a clairvoyant psychic with a unique sense of feeling and knowing things about people, places and things. I know and feel things that amaze people. Hell it still amazes me at times! People often ask, “How do you know […]