Thanksgiving Gratitude

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thanksgiving gratitude

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Welcome to the autumn of 2016. A month to celebrate Thanksgiving and gratitude. I love this time of year. It serves as  reminder to be grateful for everything in life. In case I forget, it’s being grateful for the good, bad and ugly.


I look back at my early childhood memories. We always had to clean for the holiday season before Thanksgiving. My Mom would get up at 6am to make her famous stuffing and get the turkey in the oven. Mom was usually pretty frustrated and tired by time the meal was served.

My Dad would sit at the dining room table. The way he anticipated the big meal. This was a day of seeing him relaxed and smiling alot. Dad usually had to scare one of us girls, getting us all in trouble. He was always ready to laugh, tease or play a joke on us. Company gave him people to scare, tease or laugh with.

Oh how I loved the company that came on Thanksgiving. My grandmother who we fondly called Nanny. My Dad would pick up my Nanny because she never drove a car. She would walk in with her big fancy earrings and tennis shoes, carrying her six pack cooler of Budweiser. All smiles and ready to sit and chat at the dining room table. Her laugh was as unique as she was.

My favorite Aunt Sharon always came to our house for Thanksgiving. I’m so grateful for the memories I have with her. Sharon always brought the pies. Not homemade, yet she always said she and I stayed up all night making them. I’m grateful for the way she made me her partner in crime. She wore holiday shirts and loved the craziest socks.


There we were the sisters, Patty, Susie and Amy. I’m forever grateful for the memories we made together. Cleaning for the holiday, hiding when we could. Using all the hot water. Dressing in our best and doing our hair. We made memories and I’ve got an immense amount of gratitude for our closeness still today.


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