The Ace of Wands – Spring is the Season


Ace of Wands The Ace of Wands the card of Spring, new beginnings. Full of life and ready to go. I find myself drawn to this card today. Spring is  just around the corner, yet seems to be hiding these days. I’m ready for the smell of grass and flowers. A new adventure. A spring in my step that comes naturally this time of year. As I have mastered the Art of Tarot, I have a respect for each card and the many different meanings. I always want to have the Ace of Wands in my spread. New experiences, a time of creativity and energy. An ace of a  beginning, and an energy of a Wand. Two of my favorites; Spring and the Ace of Wands.

Have you ever looked at the beauty of the cards? Wondered what they mean, pictures without words? Have you ever seen the colors and the messages each one carries? The feeling that comes from the cards? From the Ace of Wands? From the other Aces? The other Wands? I invite you to be curious – seek answers through the cards. Ask questions be bold. Experience the journey…ask questions, seek answers.

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  1. Yes. I would like to win a free reading. Hello Nancy, I hope I am doing this right on the chance to win a reading. I have heard about you from your wonderful daughter Nicole. She married my cousin Josh. If you have the chance by phone, I would love that. Thank you Nancy and I hope to get to meet you one day.

    Tina Robbins

    1. Hey Gurly– how are you doing? It’s been a long time, Congrats on your readings and blog!
      We will have to get together sometime soon.

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