Lessons on Life.

Lessons we learn before we die

The lessons in life we learn along the way. Recently a person asked “If once we learn our lessons in life do we die?” This question brought me to a place of deep thought based on experience with people.

Spirit shares lessons

Spirit I’ve communicated with has shared with me the lessons they lacked to learn while being alive. Both young and old feels once they are given this information they then want to share it with their loved ones still here through someone like me and with signs, symbols and thoughts.

We will continue to learn lessons even if we think we’ve got it all together. Let me explain. I’ve arrived to the great older age of 54 and feel like I live a heart felt life. I believe love wins period. Having had an usual difficult year and said out loud “Come on why me?” I had to hear loud and clear from Spirit “Why not you Nancy?” It’s all about the lessons.

Guidance along the journey

You see somehow I thought living a forgiven, integrity filled life meant it became easier in some ways. Having learned how to behave and treat people doesn’t make us immune from difficulties. As a matter off fact I believe it may become harder because we are doing the right things.

I may not the strongest or best Spirit Communicator but I am genuine in sharing my gift with others. Your loved ones teach me every time they come through for you. I’ve learned to accept the lesson shared with me. I’m always grateful for the experience with each and every reading.

You can find out more of my story here. I love to hear from others on their thoughts of the afterlife. Please feel free to email me to start a conversation.

“Nancy brings Spirit to Life and Healing to your heart.”



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