love of reading tarot cards

The Love of Tarot Cards

The love of reading tarot cards came to me 10 years ago. I was always intrigued by the cards but had no idea the special gift I had with tarot. The story they tell through the pictures, signs and symbols always amazes me. 

Have you ever wondered what the pictures mean? The cards tell an amazing story without words. The colors, the images within the card, the numbers, the suits are all very different. As a soul journeys through life Tarot relays the journey through significant times, lessons learned, experiences along the way. The cards show the beginning, middle and end of a souls life. Portraying big events, daily routines, upsetting and celebrating times.

Favorite and Not

My favorite tarot cards include the Wheel of Fortune. I was drawn to the card because of the colors, the images around the picture and the feeling I had when I touched it. I felt complete, like I had accomplished something. Another favorite is the Star. The card is very bright and colorful. It appears with a shining star at the top and water flowing through the bottom. It made me feel comfort, hopeful, excited. 

My least liked card was the the tower card. The card shows a tower or castle in ruins with fire, smoke, water, lightening. The card made me feel like something was falling apart. Like there was a situation that would not feel good to be in. It made me feel; hopeless and lost. I also didn’t care for the devil card. The picture showed a dark image with chains and fire. The card made me feel uncomfortable, like I was stuck in a situation that I couldn’t get out of. Bondage, 

Learn to Read the Cards

Reading Tarot Cards is a gift for some and a skill for others. A skill that can be taught and developed. Tarot Cards are very accurate to see what is going on around a person or a situation with them. Some may think they are scary or evil. The cards have no power. Tarot Cards are simply a tool used to see what is around you. The story comes form the person reading the cards. The gift of intuition comes from the person reading the cards. 

So if you are ever thinking of giving it a try – go for it. You’ll be intrigued and amazed by what is revealed.Have you ever wanted to learn how to read Tarot Cards? I regularly hold workshops and classes on mastering the cards. You can learn right from home. We meet on Zoom. I’ll share my story, experiences, lessons and wisdom with you. You’ll meet like minded people. Share your knowledge with one another and practice together. You can reach out to me anytime to find when the next class is starting