The Wonders fo this worldThe Wonder of this World

Here I am at the Lincoln County Fair as a Tarot Reader. The wonder of this world. The universe has opened up for me and I’m so grateful and humbled by this gift. I read and guide people through intuition and I love it. I’m amazed how accurate situations and people appear to me. It’s a power that comes through me not from me. Where does it come from? My loved who’s who have crossed over.

My father is so proud. He’s a fine man, respected and loved by so  many.  The King of Pentacles if you will. He is the ulitimate entreprener.  Encouraging us to find our way in the business world on our own. He laughs and smiles all around me.  I know he does. I’m grateful for that knowledge, that  feeling.
I’ve reached a milestone in life – another one without him here. I would love for him to be in front of me laughing,  smiling – oh how he would be smiling at my acheivement. Sharing it with me physically when I look at him.  I miss that after 21 years of not seeing it.  I can see it in my heart like he is right here. It makes me smile, laugh and cry. Then he catches me crying and I smile again. God how I miss him.
He loves the name I use as a Tarot Reader –  his name, the name he gave me. May I always make him proud and not tarnish it in anyway.  I wear it well and with honor . It’s fun to be that girl again. My dad always encouraged me to be success in my own right – he taught me this long before I knew he was teaching me.  My success comes from his  energy, faith and encouragement many years in the making.  Here’s to the wonders of this world, Nancy Feranec

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