What the World Needs Now

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What the world needs now.

What the world need now is love sweet love. The song plays in my head over and over as I write this. It’s the only thing that there’s much too little of. Why do I hear this song this morning? As I approach my computer write this blog I ask what should I say? This song came into my mind and heart.

I have found in my many years of life that people point a finger, blame others and pass judgement. Why not look past the current situation and consider what someone else is going through. Life in the real world can be very harsh.

Spirituality or Religion

Who do you want to be in this world? This lifetime? Each one of of us has the ability to change the world in our own unique way. What will you do to bring about change? I have found with Spirituality comes love. Please know I did not say religion. Religion to me is organized with man made rules and requirements. Spirituality for me comes from the heart.

For the Love of Judgement

In my years as a psychic medium I have learned some very important lessons from Spirit. I’ve learned I can make a difference in my world. Very simply there are rules I follow. Be kind – at all cost. You have no idea what a person is going through by looking at them. Be kind – always. Do not judge others based on ideas or thoughts. Who made us judge and jury? No one did. Keep opinions to yourself. You maybe surprised at what you learn from people that you least expect.

The Need for Gratitude

Practice gratitude. I find it impossible to have bad day when I’m grateful. Be open minded; you cannot graft a new idea on a closed mind. Be a person of your word. In simple words “Don’t lie.” Which means don’t do anything that you would have to lie about.

I feel we all get one shot at this life. Own who you are. Love life. Someday you’ll be remembered; Make it for who you were and not what you did.


“What the world needs now is love sweet love.

It’s the one thing we have far too little of.”

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