Your Past Life

your past life

Would you like to experience a past life regression? Do you believe in the possibility of having a past life? Your life in another time in another era? Have you had experiences with people here that made you feel as if you already knew them? Fears that seem unfounded? Have you ever thought of experiencing a past life regression?

I’d like to share my belief which is strictly my own opinion. I believe our soul comes into our psychical body at birth with a plan, a journey set out for the lessons we are to achieve, learn from, master. Once we have completed this journey our soul leaves the body and returns to the universe.

Once the soul returns to the universe there is a decision made to return for a new journey with another lesson to master. This is the next life of your soul. The soul then comes into the body upon birth and the journey begins. You may meet someone that you feel a connection to yet you have never met before, You feel as if you’ve known them before in your life. Yet you know it’s not possible. Could this be a fragment of your souls previous life? I believe so. You find you have a fear of something like water and drowning yet have never had an experience to warrant this. Could this be a fragment of your souls previous life? I believe so.

Nini Grace and I will be offering  a past life regression with access to the akashic records workshop. This will be an amazing experience you won’t want to miss. Open to only 15 people. Scheduled for April 22, 2016 at Nancy’s Reading Room in Centerco Office Suites, Creve Coeur Mo 63141. You can click on my events page to reserve your place.

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