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Nancy loves being among some of the best Psychics in the St. Louis, MO area. She is honored and humbled to be a part of the Top 10 St. Louis Psychics and Top 10 Chicago Psychics. A St Louis Psychic listed on the Top 10 is hand-picked for the quality of their readings.

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Authentic Psychic Medium

Hi, welcome to my world! So glad you found me. I’m an Authentic Psychic Medium. Are you considering having a reading? Do you wonder what to expect? Are you curious? You’ve come to the right place. I’ll answer any questions to help you make a decision. You see I’ve never forgotten what it’s like to sit down for a reading. As a Psychic Medium I use all of my senses during a reading. I provide Spiritual intuitive guidance and insight.

I’m as real as they come. Tarot cards and Spirit guide me into your life. I call it like I see it and will always tell you the truth. “Spirit is never wrong and the cards don’t lie!”

I can read the past, present and future and share messages I receive from Spirit. I work in the highest white light of energy and share that energy with you.

I’m a Psychic Medium with an intriguing gift of knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling. This is a gift I love to share with others through the exciting world of Spirit and Tarot Cards.

I love being a Psychic Medium, and Tarot Card reader in St. Louis Mo. I’m located in a great area of Creve Coeur. Respected among the Top 10 St. Louis Psychics and Chicago Top 10 Psychics.

“I promise to always give my very best on every reading.”

Nancy the Psychic Medium

I bring Spirit to Life.
Healing to your Heart.

Lisa Williams Certified Spiritual Advisor

Our Services


I offer Psychic readings, Medium readings and Psychic Medium readings.


I’ll come to your place and connect with your loved ones in Spirit to bring healing messages and signs in an amazing way.


Everyone enjoys a party! Get together with a few friends, learn and laugh together.


I love to share and teach others. You can learn to live from Higher Self, which changes your life in ways that dreams are made of!

Nancy is very welcoming and very honest. While not really knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind and was so pleasantly surprised and honestly shocked with how she was able to know certain aspects of my life. It’s surreal how accurate her reading was and how she was able to connect with Spirit in order to provide messages that not only helped me, but for me to pass on to loved ones around me. If you’ve been thinking about visiting a psychic/medium I definitely recommend Nancy!
Stephanie B. May 2018.

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